Jasmine's Exclusive Membership Group
Existential Communications

Jasmine's Exclusive Membership Group

Existential Communications

Welcome to Jasmine's Exclusive Membership Group

Join This Awesome Group of Manifesting Masters!

Stay Supported, Inspired, Motivated and Refreshed!

Join our tight knit community of like-minded people with one common goal- To Be The God of Your Reality. We support each other, lean on each other, learn from each other, inspire, motivate and cheer each other on! This supportive group setting is your resource for accountability and the continual reinforcement that you need to reach your manifestation goals! 

The Perks

As a Premium member you'll have access to all of Jasmine's Member-Only Courses Such As:

  1. Everything I did to Manifest My SP back A-Z
  2. Transcending Circumstances (Learn How To Make Circumstances Dissolve Completely. No Matter What)
  3. Make Him Obsessed With You
  4. Manifest Him With Confidence
  5. CA$H Comes To Me Easily
  6. Manifest Consistent Commitment. Next-Level Love Obsession. Make Him Completely Devoted To YOU Regardless a Third Party!
  7. Master Manifesting, Master Your Man, The MASTER Plan! (Upcoming!)
  8. Expect More Courses Coming Up Every Weekend, Forever!


Jasmine Goes Live Every Weekend (RSVP in The Group) To Teach These Courses LIVE, Answer Your Questions and Offer You LIVE Support!!

More Perks:

*No more losing meaningful information in the black hole of facebook feed! This platform is completely organized for easy access to everything you cherish most. The group automatically keeps you connected with the people, conversations and content that interest you the most!

*See which members of the group live near you

*See which members of the group share your topic of interest

*Post whatever you want, anytime (within the guidelines)

*Get in on conversations, content, community and support you can't get anywhere else

*Safe setting, guaranteed! No more worrying about internet trolls or cyber bullies. Jasmine works hard to make sure her group is a safe haven where everyone can enjoy a harmonious atmosphere and get the fundamental support they need to flourish on their manifesting journey. You can post freely knowing that in this group, everyone is happy to hear your thoughts and participate in productive conversation.

*Jasmine is always working to support and add value to her exclusive group. As a member, you'll have access to more life-enriching conversations, content and perks to aid you on your path of masterful creation.

We are all in this together

Jasmine is here for you, but she couldn't do it if you weren't here, supporting each other. Thank you for being here to follow your path of most joy, expansion and love!

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